Objectives and Values of Rødovre Gymnasium

Rødovre Gymnasium gives priority to a high level of professionalism, a good climate of cooperation and a good tone among all students and employees at the school.

We work for

  • Professional and personal challenges for everyone, both students and staff
  • Equality and inclusiveness – respect for differences
  • Participation and shared responsibility at all levels
  • A modern school with respect for the community and traditions

Rødovre Gymnasium’s mission is to educate and motivate young people to lifelong learning. The school gives priority to an active and challenging educational environment that promotes job satisfaction, curiosity and motivation. Educational innovation and experimentation, along with teachers’ professional and personal development, create the foundation for quality education. A wide range of academic and social after-school activities contribute to a dynamic learning environment.

Our goal is that all students must reach their full potential through their active participation in education and thus achieve the best possible school diploma and be inspired to continue their education.

At Rødovre Gymnasium we aim at a work environment where responsibility is delegated, and where there is room for reflection and inspiration for everyone to cooperate on the school’s goals, mission and values.